Sunday, 20 May 2007

Resistance is NOT Futile - Anti-Enbloc Blogs on the Rise

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It is always difficult being the minority, whether it's in terms of collective sales, or other markers of differentiation (race, ethnicity, SES, and even those with different political views). Some say the internet is a fantastic avenue for opening up spaces for such minorities. Maybe it is, but a lot depends on how visible these spaces are.

So what I have found, and have been approached to connect with, are other 'anti-enbloc' blogs that have appeared recently. I'm sure others will appear in the near future, as en blocs continue to frustrate many owners who do not wish to sell or move, for various reasons.

Anti-En bloc Blog for Teresaville (Lower Delta Rd): Save Teresaville
Anti-En bloc Blog for Pearlbank Apartments (Outram Park): No Enblock!
Anti-En bloc Blog in General: Pariah's En Bloc Block

Some advice from yours humbly that's been running this blog for a while now:-
  1. Always have a way for others to contact you, be it comments or (better) email.
  2. Advertise your blog on technorati, google, etc for maximum publicity.
  3. Link up with other blogs (like those listed above) for visibility.
  4. Search around the internet for others that may have talked about your estate's en bloc attempt, and invite them to discuss in your own blog.
  5. Try not to moderate your blog. If you're pushing for transparency in collective sale attempts, the same should apply to your blog. It's only fair that even majority owners have a right to say something on your blog, even though you may not agree with their comments.
  6. Most important of all - be civilised and rational. En blocs can create rifts and tempers may flare, but you gain nothing by being irrational against others who may disagree with you. It's an ugly world out there, but that doesn't mean you have to be too.
If there are other people that are attempting to start their own anti-enbloc blogs for their estates, let me (and those listed above) know. Of note, and I won't publicise it here, is the fact that there are signs of pro-enbloc blogs online too :) :)

Good luck :)

This from Channelnews Asia - Members of Parliament to raise questions about the property market, including "measures to ensure that en blocs are transparent". START BUGGING YOUR MPs NOW!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well said, Dr. We definitely need more of these anti-enbloc blogs!


The Pariah said...

You know, despite my reservations, in the end I sent an "en bloc dissent" feeler direct to my MP within the Tanjong Pagar GRC as entire swathes of District 9 have been or are being collectively sold in 2006/07.

Today is 3 June 2007. It has been exactly 2 months and 12 days since I sent that feeler e-mail and I didn't even get a squeak of an acknowledgement of receipt!

In the next GE (if it's not another walkover), I know whom I won't vote for! Of course, one bad apple does not a barrel make. There are MPs and MPs naturally!

nothing said...

I have just opened an anti-enbloc blog for Tampines court ( and would welcome its mention on your website.
When our estate was shockingly sold with a majority of only 1 unit (out of 560!)at the reserve price set in 2005 with no review, many, many people were upset, both majority and minority. The minority have some recourse and we toddled off to see Mah Bow Tan at the 'meet the people session' held once a week at the PA Association in Tampines. He was pleasant and earnest in his dealings with us and told us to appeal to the STB (wow, we would never have thought of that on our own). He assured us they were not partisan in their judgement, but with their track record so far, who can believe that. Don't kid yourselves, the MP's are all for enblocs and they are polite but do not offer any real help.
We went home, opened a gmail account, sent out a flyer and lobbied for minority owners to put up a fight. 45 replied of which 38 collectivly engaged a lawyer to make a STB appeal when the time comes.

Pre-EOGM, that's where we are at the moment.

Our lawyer has a plan (not to be revealed here, you understand) and we will NOT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT.