Friday, 4 April 2008

Another Plea to Save Another Estate - Clementi Park

There's another estate that is going enbloc and the group of stayers there - people who are fighting to protect their homes - have set up a website to describe their estate and why it should be saved.

Save Clementi Park

Great website! I strongly encourage other estates which may be going through the trauma of enbloc sales, to set up their own blogs or websites. It's a great means of publicising your estate's virtues and your intent to try to save it from destruction oops I mean redevelopment. It can also serve as an information point to keep owners updated on the ongoing enbloc, especially if not everyone is consistently updated. This has been the case in a few estates where the pro-enbloc SCs have been systematically ignoring some people (ie stayers) in their mailings, an act that is not only wrong ethically but legally.

Setting up a simple blog isn't hard. No bells and whistles necessary :)

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