Thursday, 14 December 2006

(Not so) Symbolic Violence and Anonymity

En-bloc sales are violent business.

The sale of an estate splits the owners into two camps with no gray areas. The Ayes who want to sell their units, and the Nays who do not want to sell their units. It's a difference of a signature on the dotted line that differentiates you as an Aye or a Nay - only those who wish to sell their units sign on this contract known as the "Collective Sale Agreement" or in true Singaporean acronym, the CSA.

Word very quickly gets around as to who is eager to sell, and who has yet to sign on the CSA. These Nays' lives in the estate can become quite ugly - the Ayes get frustrated as they cannot fathom why some people do not want to make lots of money. If the prerequisite number of signatures required for the sale to go through are not met, the entire sale process collapses (more on this later).

So that's why things get bloody. Nays refuse for various reasons, or they wait in the hope of better profits. Ayes get angry because they want to sell the estate fast. Tempers flare. Angry looks in lifts when Aye meets Nay. People scratching cars. Vandalising property. Neighbourly love dissolves.

That's why I would like to maintain as much anonymity as possible. This Nay has already gotten ugly looks and threats (anonymous of course). Publishing a blog is only going to make things worse, but there is a need to provide an avenue for Nays to read, and voice out, their concerns.

I have also taken to close readings of the Singapore Statutes and the heady wordy legal discourses in CSAs (reading both at the same time will do your head in unless you're a lawyer). So any interpretation of these are my own, and that of a non-legal practitioner. Please consult a professional solicitor for accurate advice, if you need clarification on some of the points I've raised in the blog. The lawyer will have the opportunity to look at the documentations for your collective sale, and can give comprehensive advice for your consideration and/or action.

So here's the disclaimer: The blog's content is SOLELY for general information and internet discussion only, and shall not constitute legal advice for which any readers shall rely on.

Therefore, while my identity remains vague, in true (paraphrased) Dan Brown fashion:-

All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents and secret rituals in this blog are accurate.

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