Sunday, 18 February 2007

En-bloc blogging - Another Voice

I was searching the internet for other blogs that might've talked about en-bloc matters, and found, purely by coincidence, the author of one of the ST Forum's letters - Mr Waleed Hanafi. What was even more interesting was that the letter published on the ST Forum, was censored or edited. The original (and more critical) letter was reprinted on Mr Hanafi's blog, located here.

His blog is Innocence is Curable and he wrote another post on the topic as well. Worth a read! :)

It isn't easy trying to get your letter published in the Straits Times Forum, both printed and online. I've tried before (several times) without any luck. Even when the letter is (in my opinion) well argued and written, it is not a guarantee that the forum editor will agree to printing it. Censorship or plain practical editorial considerations (given the limited space)? We'll never know. But if you've attempted to send a letter about en-bloc sales to the Forum and it never appeared, do let me know. I'll be glad to print it here.

A Happy Chinese New Year to the Chinese readers, in the meantime :)

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