Friday, 20 April 2007

Help Needed: Experienced STB Mediation Folks Required!

Apologies to all about not updating the site. I'm keeping it as minimal as possible for now so that readers can find the information on the Ministry of Law Public Consultation here and the Feedback Unit's REACH Discussion Forum here.

In the meantime, I've been approached by a group of minority owners who would like to hear from others who have been through the STB mediation process. They do not know what are the next steps (they have submitted their objections), neither do they know if a legal representative is required for the mediation or not etc. If anyone has any information on this black boxed process, please let everybody know via the comments section of this posting. Such information will give minority owners greater confidence in preparing for the legal battle ahead.

It'll be useful to others to know so that any potential minority owners can be better prepared before they enter the STB hearings. Some points you can include for all to read:-

  1. What factors did you bring up in your objections (financial loss, bad faith, apportionment). Which ones were allowed and which were rejected by the STB?
  2. Did you go as a group or as individuals?
  3. Did you obtain a lawyer to represent you (or the group)? Must you have a lawyer?
  4. What was the STB hearing like? Was it akin to a court hearing with the sales committee's lawyers and the STB 'judges'?
  5. Can you hire a lawyer after any initial STB mediation or does the STB disallow that? How many sessions do you have to go through?
  6. Did your sales committee's lawyers try to impose their charges on you (or your group), especially if the objections were found by the STB to be unjustifiable/untenable? (eg did the SC try to deduct a certain amount from your sales proceed, more than everyone else?)
  7. Any other points.

Much appreciated.
ps. Updated En-bloc list Scary how the list of confirmed en-blocs is growing!

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Anonymous said...

i know only one point. all objectors will be called to a closed door hearing at the same time.