Friday, 18 May 2007

So What If It's The Biggest En-Bloc? One Youth Laments the Loss of her Home.

This from a blog by a growing youth who stays in Farrer Court. When someone so young could write about the impending loss of her home, and her emotional attachment to Farrer Court, I'm heartened to know that there are youths like her who have not (yet) been tainted by material greed.

So what if Farrer Court's going to be the biggest collective sale ever. To this young lady, the loss of her home is immeasurable. Sometimes, people lose sight of their soul in the pursuit of progress.

From xiaoyuan of "leave me alone", a youth living in Farrer Court, her home. [Changed from SMS Engleesh to somewhat more standard English lol]

[anyways] one damper
the damper really very big lor...
[anyways],we were driving past the gates of farrer court
then saw the words COLLECTIVE SALE outside
mummy said "don't think i lie to you
really yao mai [going to sell] lar,they passed the 80% needed to sell lar"

at first thought i okays coz i seem to be getting more okays
then in the car,my tears just rolled down when i thought of my home
[remembered] on monday night was walking thru lingx's nice neighbourhood on monday night,it's really nice,really really nice
but even as i walked thru, i knew it wasn't farrer court,my home
the feeling was different and i missed my home
it's the place i return to after coming back from overseas trips,from sleepovers,from work,from sch
in this insane world,it anchors me in my world
my small private haven in which i healed and grew up and lived here for 18+years
and the feeling of walking back home at night via the hc way as in from the back is magical
it's irreplaceable, it's special, it has a healing effect on me
farrer court is my private haven,really my home
it's beautiful
but i can't help feeling quite heartbroken
i am losing one of the most [important] things that mattered to me
i have lost so many things over the years, i healed in farrer court
now i'm losing my home and private haven and one of my protection against the world thanks to some [people]
the nightskies are beautiful from all parts of the world
but it will never be the same as the one you see from farrer court
and i just feel like telling those _____

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