Friday, 31 August 2007

Anti-enbloc Blog - Ocean Park

Typically, people unhappy with the collective sale of their homes are people who have been staying there for a while - what I call owner-occupiers. But even potential owner-occupiers can be unhappy with the enbloc sale of their homes.

An owner who has never stayed in her 'retirement home' is mighty upset that her estate is now up for enbloc sale. She owns a unit in Ocean Park at East Coast Road. Built in 1983 with 298 units, the freehold district 15 estate is joining the enbloc madness that is now occupying the East Side of Singapore (ie Laguna Park, Lagoon View, Mandarin Gardens, Neptune Court, Bayshore Park etc). Prices there, like most 'enbloc potential' flats, have shot right up - from $1071 (caveat lodged May 07) to $1200-$1400 asking price on the market for units there.

Good luck to the anti-enbloccers of Ocean Park. The blog can be found here. I've added a link to in on the Links section on the right side.


Anonymous said...

Soon I have to start another anti-enbloc on Eastern Lagoon.

Anonymous said...

Do enbloc syndicate exists in SG?

Anonymous said...

yeah got. condo with SC members who bought units in the last year together, now want to sell the entire place! these condo raiders are syndicates right? only thing missing is red paint on door and pig's head left on floor...! but better not anyhow say, might happen soon!

Anonymous said...

Eastern Lagoon 2.
942 per sq ft to 1086 per sq ft.5 transactions.
Was low 700 last year.

Ocean Park.
1071 per sg ft.
Was low 600 last year.

Both are old estates(old hags)nobody want last yearbut FH.Now full of weekend condo raiders.

Anonymous said...

We believe Dr. Minority might finally be putting the pieces together.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dr. Minority for mentioning and linking my blog to yours. There is certainly some sort of syndicate going on in Singapore . In the end , if we make some searches in the Land Registry or Planning division , you will inevitably find that Singapore private estates are monopolised by a handful of developers churning out very similar uniformed designs. In time , we will be looking at cheaper ones that will be deliberately built to last no more than 10 to 20 years before they are demolished.
Cheaper by the dozen. Singapore developers enjoy playing with their Lego set.

Anonymous said...

TO REBELROUSER. READ YOUR BLOG TWICE. Need DICTIONARY. Are you trying to challenge the encyclopedia?

Anonymous said...


I thought my blog is in plain English. Maybe I have been living in UK for far too long. Do you think I write with Angmo accent?

Dr Minority said...

Hi Rebelrouser,

Ignore the trolls. There seems to be an invasion of them lately onto my blog. If they continue to post irrelevant or inflammatory comments, I'll be forced to act.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone in the Ocean Park condo tell me how many owners are anti -enbloc? The SC is completely uncooperative when I wrote them to find out exactly what are the numbers who are pro-sale.

They are now going to revive the sale and re-elect the existing members and maybe increase the numbers to make up the SC, but the ltter that was sent our ws dated 15 OCt expecting owners like me to reply by 18th OCt!

Such disregard for the owners who live abroad is highly unfair and poor practice on their part.

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