Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Seminar by SISV on Collective Sales - 14 Sep 07

There's this guy lurking in my blog, asking about a seminar on collective sales that's upcoming. Well, further to the previous seminar conducted by Ahrals (the one which lawyer Mr Ong Ying Ping gave his seminar), I understand from someone that Ahrals may conduct a repeat event (although this is not confirmed - do contact Ahrals directly on this).

However, what IS confirmed is a seminar by the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV) on the 14 September (Friday) from 9am to 1pm at Furama. You can find information on the SISV website here, and the specific flyer (in pdf format) here.

It's not free (public = $150). What I like about it, when reading the blurb, is the bit on "Some Thoughts From a Collective Sale Committee Member" - "The collective sale process needs three parties working together - the property consultants, the lawyer and the sale committee representing the owners" so said Ms Kwang Heng Lee (the presenter). It's quite telling that the fourth party, and probably the most important group, is not in this "working together" bit - the subsidiary proprietors (aka owners/residents). I guess an enbloc sale process can work without the owners, as I'm sure many would agree is the case nowadays :)

For those of you who are interested in issues of valuation (of your sale price and method of distribution), you might want to see what the President of SISV has to say.

ps. I'm aware of the Phoenix Ct case, but have not had time to sit down and read it carefully. You can find the information about the Phoenix Court appeal and the staying of sale here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information Dr. Minority. Read the Phoenix case on your recommendation.

Good to know that Judges like Andrew Ang and lawyers like Michael Hwang, the wiser and more experienced breed of legal practitioners are willing to stick to their guns and examine the law with a fine tooth comb and a strong arm!

With a piece of controversial legislation that has such massive ramnifications on the public at large, we desperately need a fair and competent judiciary to play their part in defining the law and administering justice.

Perhaps this will slow down the enbloc fever and let those who feel aggrieved address their woes and wounds to the right authority.

But at what price is justice?
Will the poor old couple in the Phoenix case be condemned, ostracised and never live in peace in their own home again in the face of all their angry pro-sale neighbours?

Anonymous said...

Sit back and reflect why the couple has a case in the first place. If the SC, AGENT and maybe the lawyer had been proffessional and indepth enough in their conduct, why the public outcry from the minority.Instead of being so "DEFENSIVE and INSULTING all minorities in the blog and forum", why not your organisation take some of the blame? A coin has both sides! To REBELROUSER. THOSE DAYS OF JUST LOOKING FROM ANGLES OF "NO FINANANCIAL LOSS AND 80 PER OF SHARE VALUE MAY BE A THING OF THE PAST".

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Seems like a lot of insecurities going on when there,s "finger pointing spree that the minorities are all the fault" in an enbloc sale.

Anonymous said...

Real work means sarcarsm justification. Which individual would put their soul on the blog to defend the SC ,majority,apportionment,reasons after reasons that he is right. As another person claimed,"ugly motive."