Saturday, 1 September 2007

Will New Law Make Poison Pen Letters a Thing of the Past?

I just saw this flyer sent out to owners at Tampines Court, written by someone who views him/herself as a majority owner. You can view the flyer at the Tampines Court blog (here). I'm disheartened by the distinct element of threat included in the flyer.

The very idea of dividing an estate up into two camps is built right into the enbloc protocol. So long as there's an arbitrary 80/20 (or 90/10) requirement for majority/minority consent in a 10 yr+ estate (another arbitrary number), the estate will invariably be split into two, often opposing, camps. The difference in the past and now is that the minority group is getting more vocal, present, more organised and importantly, more knowledgeable in the facts surrounding enbloc sales and their rights.

Will the new Law make such poison pen letters a thing of the past? Not likely at all. Until the government begins to address the social and psychological impact of urban renewal, rather than the procedural and legal aspects, the ugly side of enbloc sales will continue to exist.


Anonymous said...

what threat? he is merely pointing out the facts.

Anonymous said...

This is surely a metaphor of things to come in the political arena too. That the minority is a growing pain in the neck that needs to be addressed if not scrutinised , examined and healed.

The neck supports the most vital organ , the head, the centre and focus of all thoughts and views..The neck is also the vital connection to the spine, it protects the vocal chord for articulation of thought..

Time everyone pay some attention to this pain in the neck!