Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Statutes Online Updated with New Amendments

Just to let all know - the Statutes Online has now been updated with the new revised Land Titles (Strata) Act (here). I have not had the time to update the Enbloc List since the last update but bear with me - it should get done this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your effort in updating the Enbloc List :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Minority,

Thanks once again for being so efficient in keeping us abreast of the new amendments.
Scouring through the 4 schedules relating to SC and the procedural rules governing them as a committee and responsibilities.

Ocean Park- they are requisitioning for a General Meeting in view of the latest amendments to reconstitute the SC members , 8 presently who were supposedly elected at an EOGM held on 30 June 2007. Whether they were indeed elected by a majority , I was not informed , and living abroad there is no way I was able to find out.
What I am curious is what is this 'MAJORITY'resolution that they had earlier made when the elected the present SC it just majority of the attending SPs or the majority of the entire condo which stands at 1228 shares , so a simple majority would require at least 615 or more shares.But if the elected members were elected from the majority at the EOGM then it would certainly fall short of majority of the condo owners I am sure.

With the existing 8 members on the SC who they hope would be re-elected or alternatively to add a further 6 additional members to make up the legislated 14 .Now if they elect 6 more than chances are they could easily obtain 30% of the share value to form the necessary quorum since the existing 8 represent somewhere around 20%.

Now having read the 4 Schedules, I am rather disturbed that we who are anti-enbloc and living abroad are given very little time to respond to any of the decisions made. For e.g.the notice for convening this new EOGM was dated 15 Oct and they sent it to me overseas and expect me to return the letter by 18 Oct! Now given the slow UK post and the recent postal strike there is no way this could be done!I am not about to go through the trouble of having a Power of attorney made just so that they could proceed with a sale with or without my objection at my cost! This peice of legislation has given scant respect for owners who live abroad and I don't see why I should be inconvenienced and compromise my interest at my cost to benefit them.

So far they have not divulge any email contact other than tel. numbers of 6 of the existing SC members, which means living abroad I need to contact them at odd hours on international calls to find out the progress of a deal which I feel like I am a victim to.

The rights of the minority owners are completely ignored in the amendments and I feel completely aggrieved and the grounds for objection remain filmsy.