Sunday, 6 January 2008

NUS Survey on Reserve Price

Research on enbloc sales is seriously lacking in Singapore (or elsewhere for that matter), and any research that adds to our understanding of enbloc sales is always a welcome sign.

I received an email from an NUS undergraduate student, Celeste Han, doing her Honours dissertation with the Dept of Real Estate. Her research is on enbloc sales and she needs our help with a survey that she’s conducting, specifically on the reserve price and perceptions of it. According to her, the research objectives for the dissertation are: (a) to identify the key motivations that lead people to agree or disagree to an enbloc sale (b) to study how sellers in enbloc sales forge their reserve price.

The survey is open to all who have experienced, or are experiencing enbloc sales attempts. Please do download it here (on scribd); it’s a very short and simple survey – once completed please send it to Celeste (email: directly. A couple of notes – ‘reservation price’ should be meant as ‘reserve price’ in enbloc lingo :) And no, I’m not in any way affiliated with the dept :P

Celeste's deadline is coming soon (15 Jan 2008) so please do what you can to help her. It really is a short survey (won’t take more than 5 minutes of your life) and it’ll really help add to the research literature, scant as it is, on enbloc sales in Singapore.

Good luck, Celeste :) And would appreciate if you can forward me a copy when you're done! :)

Things I need to do:- 1. Update enbloc list, 2. Update on minority wins at STB, 3. Update on new anti-enbloc blogs (Clementi Park, Ocean Park), 4. What to do on the 1st EOGM. I'll get around to them soon.

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Anonymous said...

WELCOME BACK Dr. Minority and Happy New Year..though for some of us who are still battling against uncooperative SC and impending riad by agents, it would be a bizarre year for us all!

Thanks for keeping us all updated on all that is going on in the enbloc world in Singapore. Makes me wonder why we are so willing to tear down our immaculate homes just for a windfall homeless millionaire when a large majority in the world , especially Kenya at the moment , we see hundreds of thousands displaced from their shacks , homeless and without much of a future.

Such is the paradox of this grim world and how greed could warp our logic.

Anonymous said...

Dr Minority,remember TROLLS!!!!!

AWH said...

We in SIN city have sold our souls for filthy lucre. Neighbours are turned against neighbours and en bloc legislation is responsible. Whether it's called urban renewal or some other thing, the reality is that the government is using developers as proxies to deprive some people of the homes they want to live in. There is no feeling of security and permanence in Singapore - one can be turfed out of one's home far too easily by our big government and big business.

As for peace - how can there be peace and quiet when we have weak and ineffective laws regarding noise pollution. The laws look good on paper but they are quite meaningless and do not stipulate how the noise is measured (just go to other countries' websites and check out their methods and instruments).