Tuesday, 22 July 2008

"Is there such a thing as a happy enbloc?" Jessica Cheam's article online

I'm not sure if this will be published tomorrow or not, but I just noticed that Jessica Cheam, the ST reporter that does quite a bit of reporting on enbloc matters, has published a new article online. You can read it here but I'll quote her last 2 paragraphs (which captures a sense of the enbloc discontent):-

Singapore is a young country, and our en bloc laws are even younger. It is not yet perfect, and what is becoming more apparent in our unique strata-titled property landscape is that these laws have to be tweaked to make the process more transparent and equitable.

This will likely take a long time, and claim many en bloc “victims” along the way. But as long as we do not stop improving our en bloc laws, perhaps someday, we can finally achieve this myth that’s called the “happy en bloc” and urban rejuvenation can happen without the expense of an inidividual’s basic human right to keep his home.

You can read the full text here on her blog 'from the ground up' (nice title) :)

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