Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Quiet yet not so quiet

The global recession has pretty much killed anyone from attempting an enbloc, and anyone still trying their luck is seriously revealing to their own estate, and to everyone else, just how selfish they are, simply because they NEED to sell, rather than wait for the RIGHT time to sell.

It's been so long since I last posted, that I forgot my password to my blog and that blogger has changed some of its features lol. Still, there are some very hardworking enbloc bloggers around. Hope 4 Stayer's still chugging along, and the blogger at Tampines Court has taken this lull period to reflect on their own experiences. They have started a series of VERY GOOD blog posts on the various pitfalls of enbloc sales. Do start reading from here, and I believe they'll still continue with their excellent posts ranging from the problems with MCs being in SCs, to EOGMs etc. Please do go read them.

I will in the next post put up an email which interest me but because I was overseas, didn't really have much time to think about it. Be right there :)

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Anonymous said...

last year my condo enbloc becos ppl said will tak 2 years. they said when enbloc good again we ready in q. first time many ppl go becos to eat buffet. one husband and wive sit near speakor. all tok only them. ppl don like thier vioce. only they like lisen thier onw vioce. ppl stut go hom. aftar one week we got leter siad to vot for the agen. got 3 agen all. aftar 1 monht got big big leter siad 1 agen got 68 par sen vot. so big leter we never reed. on sutaday when agen tok ppl stut go hom. they only tok that they good. lust munth we got leter siad they sin as agen. aso siad wet nest yer continew becos enbloc now no good.

Anonymous said...

Good idea. If the enblok market recovers in two years time, those who already started the enbloc process now will be first in the queue.

Its nothing new that at every enblok meeting, there are some people who did the most talking because they enjoyed listening to their own voices.

Probably the enblok agent hold a Business Ad degree. Its common knowledge, they will only emphasize on the good enblok deals they achieved,and blocked the bitter meltdown ones.

Good luck to those midst enblok. You have nothing to lose.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The standard of english amongst the en-bloc greedy is an eye-opener. If this is the type of en-bloc investors in Singapore, it's no wonder en-bloc sales are so problematic. Worse, if these are the people in the sales committee, how can they be expected to represent owners, much less understand the legal consequences of such representation?

A sad day indeed. Please go ahead and be naive enough to think that the property market recovery will happen quickly. I can only hope that when you sell your property on the cheap, without knowing what you'd just signed, you won't go crying foul play in court. No one will believe your crocodile tears.

Anonymous said...

Enblok is in coma.

Anonymous said...

some things in life are a real put off-one is enblock and its connection!

Anonymous said...

9th Dec-Vehicles damage

12th Dec- Vehicles repaired.

16th Dec-sent a letter to MC.

18th Feb-recieved a letter advising unable to accede for recompense.

23rd Feb-submitted matter to Small Claim Tribunal for mediation.

6th March-Supervisor with no authority was sent just to warm seat at first hearing.

9th March-Received a call from supervisor if we could meet the MC on 10th (Tuesday at 9pm ) Only the chairman was present. Indirectly was told to be good neighbours and let this be a lesson learnt.(sounds reasonable for a non-victim) Also if possible not to make things too protracted as its of no benefits to both sides.

25th March-2nd hearing at 2.30pm.Chairman and managing agent were present. After waiting for almost 3 hours,chairman went in the chambers in a FOUL MOOD citing lose of income for the afternoon.(its alright for some not to lose money,but OK for others.)Was told by the referee to bear half the cost for damage.
(Excuse-Sir,we manage and maintain the properties of TG including the management funds with our best efforts. We bought insurance to safeguard the interest of the estates against damages,claims and liabilities.
We the layman of the laws of insurance and we do not think we are all competent enough to fully understand the technicality and legality of the claim process. We see the need to seek advice of our insurers,and we hope the Claiments can do the same.
In this particular instance, all the UNECESSARY AND UNPLEASANT claim process we are going through now could have easliy been avoided had the Claiments chosen to adopt an pragmatic approach right from the outset by reporting the incident to their motor insurers,and leave the issues of liabilities for the motor and estates insurers to resolve. IT SHOULD NOT BE A BATTLE BETWEEN SUBSIDIARY PROPRIETORS AND THE MC.
The reason why MC could not accede to the claims had been explained. We hope this Tribunal will agree that the MC managemet funds should not be held liable for the claims in this case.

Anonymous said...

No mention of 'STORM' since!

Anonymous said...


We only found out from our 'OWN' lawyers that to claim from the condominium's insurers,we need proof that the tree was not well maintain.Wonder where the bill for the tree specialist will go to? Quite obvious?