Monday, 11 June 2007

Acronyms Galore, or What Do Those Silly Short Forms Mean?

I'm getting tired of typing the lengthy terms everytime LOL. So here's a list of short forms or acronyms for readers:-

BT - Business Times
CNA - Channel News Asia
CSA - Collective Sale Agreement (contract that binds all owners, and outlines the terms of the sale. Note it's different from the SPA)
EOGM - Extraordinary General Meeting (needed at least once to consider the sale)
LT(S)A (or LTSA) - Land Titles (Strata) Act (the law in charge of collective sale)
PSC (or PTSC) - Protem Sale Committee (like-minded owners, typically not elected, in charge of the collective sale)
SC - Sale Committee (like-minded owners, sometimes elected, in charge of the collective sale)
SP - Subsidiary Proprietor (or owner of a condo unit)
SPA - Sale and Purchase Agreement (contract that is made between the seller and buyer of the land)
ST - Straits Times
STB - Strata Title Board (statutory board in charge of mediating, approving or rejecting a collective sale)

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