Sunday, 3 June 2007

Re-Introduction to Enblocing Singapore for Newbies

The ST Upfront article by Joyce Teo, "Small Band of Dissenters Fights En Bloc Frenzy" (Straits Times 30 May 2007) was a wake up call to many people who may be stuck in the madness of the en bloc frenzy and not know that there are people out there, in a similar situation, who have been putting up information, and networks, to help minority owners. My blog's one of them. The Pariah's blog is another, and increasingly there are other anti-enbloc blogs set up by specific estates.

So for newbies, what to read?

Firstly, the TOPICS on the right side is a good start for you to pick a subject you'd like to read up on. General subject areas include the Myths, Tactics Against Enblocs. You will find links to Other Blogs and Anti-Enbloc Blogs, as well as letters to Forums in Other Voices. Of use to a lot of people is the "En-bloc List" which contains a list of sold, tendered, undergoing, or starting enbloc estates.

Secondly, the list of LINKS offer a range of information sources ranging from the Statutes to sites with information on the collective sale process as well as property agencies' information on the Singapore property market. There's also links to the various discussion forums (such as REACH from the Feedback Unit) and other Blogs related to Enbloc sales. The CondoSingapore Forum keeps a good record of media postings about enblocs.

Feel free to read. Don't browse. You're talking about potentially hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, involved in this single decision. Take the time to learn what is said and more importantly, what is not said, in the en bloc process. Knowledge is power - while it's a cliche to say this, it does apply to lots of minority owners and people who have been intentionally kept in the dark over their own estate's collective sale. Spend time reading, and feel free to email me at Or the Pariah who is another fabulous fountain of information :)

Good luck, and hope you find what you need here, and importantly, the strength and will to do something about it.

Dr Minority


The Pariah said...

Yeh, Dr Minority is right.

Indeed, "Knowledge is Power". A lot is at stake!

This concerns your "Home" (if you could still call it that under the present en bloc laws) and the "Most Expensive Asset in Your Entire Investment Portfolio" (if you are the average Singaporean).

So find out all the facts (not just hearsay). Be wary of the mind games that Sales Committee members and marketing agents play (regrettably, sometimes even lawyers get into the act too).

I don't claim to know everything but I'll try to help if you have queries. You'll get a reply if you post a "Comment" at my blog-site:

And thank you, Dr Minority, for your kind compliments. As a Citizen, one can only keep trying ... until the Gahmen does something about this law.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am one such minority myself and currently in the process of being forced out of my matrimonial home due to the greed of men owning but not living in my estate. To these idiots, my home is no more than just shares or forex accounts. More than 80% had signed. All is lost? Or are there still legal avenues for redress?

Dr Minority said...

Hi Dennis,

Not sure if recourse is still available. But do email me - and let me know the situation with your enbloc. Let's see.

blog49 said...
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